Video about the Királylaki-cave at

A video has appeared at index abou the beautiful Királylaki-cave and the gas (or oil) reservoir .

This video contains shootings of a high standard in which Szabó Zoltán tells a lot of information about the cave, furthermore the 3D spatial model  is also worth mentioning. However, there is a minor mistake.

Between 5:40 and 6:20 Szabó Zoltán says that the cave has been found unintentionally by tourists who started to dig it out. Although in fact the cave had been found by Szenthe István and his associates. Later Szabó Zoltán and the Ariadne association has got the right of exploration (wit in practice the cave itself), because their application for permission of exploration had arrived firstly.

This reality control also appears at Wikipedia – “The exploration was started by the Ariadne association on 24th november 2011.” – in spite of the fact, that they just continued the exploration.

In my opinion the unflattering judgement of a person (even if it is rightful) cannot reason the falsification of history.

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