Finally the lockown for Kiss Péter/Dínó rejtek-cave is complete!


Historical moment: the door of Kiss Péter cave closes and the lock clicks. Now the cave can only be visited with a key, so the next step will be to re-open the Holtak-kapuja („Gate of the dead”) and to continue the researchment.

We tried to do our best and make a lockdown which is durable and doesnt affect the upcoming work (example: the door gets stuck, or it is too tight for equipments, etc…). The door itself is made of steel, and filled with concrete, but can be opened only with a single finger…

IMG_6303 kis

According to DINPI’s request, the original name of the cave (Dínó-rejtek) will also be written on the door.

Automatikusan záródó, és belülről két ujjal felemelhető retesz

The door automatically locks if closed, but can be moved with small force

It isn’t the thickest, and cannot withstand a nuclear attack, but it is durable enough to keep the formations inside the cave mostly safe from unauthorized persons. The lockdown has been put close to the entrance, a small room is behind it, where equipments can be stored, or it is good for shifting clothes.

There is also a hole for bats; some protected species often spend the winter inside this cave. A very useful feature is that a key is only needed for getting into the cave, but getting out can be done without a key. Because of this, one will not get stuck in the cave because of losing the key, or breaking it into the lock… Every moving part is greased to prevent corrosion. Even if somebody damages the lock, we’ve made it possible to repair it and open the door without having to tear down the whole lockdown. (of course we are not going to tell the exact way)

The hard part is probably still not solved: before locking down the cave, because of the growing attention we broke down the „Holtak-kapuja” to save the formations inside. Now we have to re-open that section for future researchments.  The Holtak-kapuja however was a problem anyway, because it was built up by unstable debris, so we decided that it not only has to be re-opened, but the whole debris has to be excavated out of the cave in the near future.


The Mindenszentek-room

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