Here you can find the events which connected to caving in Hungary in chronological order. If you need any permission or technical experience we will let you know.  We don’t vouche the responsibility for any events organized without us.

BOOK  PRESENTATION IN TAPOLCA ( „Discoveries under the ground” book, presentation by Rezső Szilaj ; György Slíz ) – May 23-25.  2014  Tapolca,  Wass Albert Community Center & Library, Batsányi street 1.

CAVING DAYS: (national meeting of hungarian cavers) June 20-22. 2014  Miskolc – Szentlélek, Tourist Camp.

Visiting and tours at the following caves: Cave Bányász (to -130 meters ) , Cave Diabáz,  Cave Fekete, Cave István-lápa, Cave Jávorkút , Cave Láner, Cave Létrás,  Cave Pénzpatak, Cave Szepesi, Cave Szivárvány.

Registration is necessary! You can do it here:


Miskolc,   More information here:

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