It’s finally official – Bányász (Miner) Cave is the deepest one in Hungary!

It’s finally official – Cave Miner is the deepest one in Hungary!

 Ereszkedés a Bányász-barlangban -200m körül.

Ereszkedés a Bányász-barlangban -200m körül. Descending in the Bányász Cave around -200 meter depth

Since January in vocational circles, cavers had been believed that Bányász Cave must be the deepest cave in Hungary bu, the explorers (András Rántó and Péter Sűrű and their populous group) didn’t announced it until now, they didn’t even tell the exact depth data. (now we got the information officially: the cave is 275 metres deep)

The reason of this mistery was that they didn’t want to cross the line with only few meters. They were waiting and explored new, even deeper parts so they could reach the depth which make the record obvious. (for example they wanted to exclude the possibility of measurement errors )

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