The pit beneath All Saints’ room revealed – full of pisolites.

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In our previous article we wrote that the passageway beneath Mindenszentek-room (All Saints’ room) is tight and flat, but the stone what we threw in fell about 5-10 metres. Of course, we returned to dig our way through it, what didnt seemed to be easy at the first time, because the debris what filled the passageway was fixed by the dripstone-precipitations. Luckily we found a way to dig under it, so it became much easier to take it apart, and after splitting about a metre, we were in the new part.

Az "Ikrás-akna"

The Spawny-pit (Ikrás-akna). (Click  for higher resolution)

A smaller (8m deep) pit was beneath us, which we couldn’t get down without a rope, and not only because it was really dangerous, but also couldn’t be done without damaging the pisolite-formations covering it. Luckily we brought our ropetechique-equipments, so the we were ready to go. Unfortunately what we found is another endpoint, but we were able to find out where the draft, and the bats came from.

On the walls of the pit a lot kinds of pisolite-formations could be seen, for example, at a lower part, on a gradient edge, dripstones just like a group of fungi, and “classical” dripstones on the wall, and on a higher section, a group of rahter spherical ones, similar to fish spawns. After this interesting formation, the pit were given the name Ikrás-akna (spawny-pit).

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