Fatal accident in the Slovak Karst

Fatal accident happaned in Slovakia, when a hungarian caver fell 40-50 meters and died in the “Csengő-zsomboly” cave.

Detailed description of the event :  http://www.caverescue.hu/index.php/hu/

This tragedy is shocking for me, because it almost happaned with me in 2003 in the Szent Özséb cave. I had luck, because I fell only 8 meters, and I got away with it, only broke my arm. But it was not on me, I could easily fall 50 meters. Back then I was young, and inexperienced. But caves don’t respect our personal problems, so have to care for ourselves. How many times we brake the rules, and ignore safety precautions? How many times we do not even notice we are in danger? And mostly we have luck.

We do not know all the circumstaces, and we do not want to judge this case. But remember the permissions and licences wont save you in tha cave, we can only trust in our experience, equipment, our fellow cavers and in god.


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