Caving meeting and conference 2015


Conference room on saturday

This year’s annual caving conference took place in  Jósvafő, which is beyond question a favorite place for cavers. There are many significant caves nearby, so it is a good oppurtinity to visit the caves before, after (and insted of) the presentations. It is a tradition to organize the meeting every year, so the caving groups can present and discuss their discoveries.

We’ve seen some really good , but also some really poor presentations. For example  the “Bats on postage stamps” or “the world of caves on children drawings” was not particularly intersting for us.
Aki megtalálja ezen a képen a denevért, az jelentkezzen.

Stamps with bats

Nem vicc, ez a kép a Szakmai Napokon készült.

This photo was taken on the caving conference

A Kétlyukú-Jeges-barlangrendszer poligonja oldalnézeten

Side view of the polygon of Kétlyukú cave

We liked Nagy Gergő’s report of the Kétlyukú-cave in Montenegro, where they reached the depth of 700 meters. Now it is the deepest cave explored by hungarian cavers.

It was also fun to watch Egri Csaba’s 3D Photo slides, they were really spectacular, even enjoyable for the non caver audience.
IMG_2240a kis


For supper we got boar stew with forest mushrooms, served personally by the vice president of the national park. It was really tasty.


The conference room on sunday morning

Our presentation was scheduled on sunday early morning, whitch is unfortunate because of the concert held on the night before.
In the end, as I finished my presentation the conference room was 60-70% full, so I consider this as a succes. We’ll upload it on our youtube channel later.

IMG_5346 kis

On our way home, wevisited the sinkhole of Diós-patak

On our way home, we visited the sinkhole os Diós -patak, We didn’t have much time, but still we managed to advance in three different spots.
We wrote about these discoveries in this article.

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