Researchers’ night in St. Özséb cave

On 25 september 2015 we organised a guided tour inthe Szent-Özséb-cave, and the related presentation in Pilisszantó as part of the Researchers’ night event.

Bent már jó idő volt

It was not raining inside the cave

The tour was a succes despite the rainy and cold weather. Congratulations to the visitors who made it in the heavy rain.

Inside the cave the climate was much better, with no wind or rain.

This year we changed our concept, ad tried to make a longer trip in the cave, so we had to limit the number of visitirs to 30.

A barlang egyik legszebb pontja, egy szegfűkalcitokkal bélelt egykori vízmedence a Porcelánboltban, amelyet az azóta elhunyt Kiss Péterrel fedeztünk fel még 2006 dec. 23-án.

One of the most spectacular section of the cave.

We would like to thank for all our members who helped, and worked with us:  Imre, Noémi, Dóri, Benji.

Those who missed the event can  join us on 20. february 2016, when we organise a hiking to the caves nearby.



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