We name the new crystal cave after Kiss Peter, our former member

Video link of the new crystal cave: https://youtu.be/vqQr2vPZ1TE

Last summer we’ve discovered cold airflow from the entrance of a well known, but unremarkable cave, located in the Pilis mountains. We started digging, and after one year of hard work, on the 1. november 2015, we opened a small gap, where we could see the unknown section below. We entered a large chamber decorated with pisolites, barium sulphate and gypsum crystals. Already reported about the exploration in theese articles : All Saints’ Room , Ikrás-akna (spawny-pit), Rakottkrumpli-ág.


Kiss Pétert ábrázoló graffiti a Filatorigát HÉV megállónál

From now on, we call this cave Kiss Peter cave, after our former member, who died in the Himalayas in 2013.


Kiss Péter joined our group eleven years ago, after we got friends. He learnt the basics of caving, took part in the exploration of several caves in the Pilis mountains, started his caver and later mountaineer career in our group. We reported about him in this article.

Névtelen t

Forrás: Országos Barlangnyilvántartás

Apart from this, the entry section of the cave was explored and named by the Red Meteor Tektonik caving group back in the seventies,


but that was only a very tight passage not more than 40 meters in lenght. Nobody considered it significant, and they didn’t notice the air draft, or at least they don’t mention it in the report.  The new part with large rooms, crystals and promising endpoints represents higher quality in all aspects, that is why we tought it is reasonable to give the cave a new name. If the new name got official, the old one will be synonym, if not, we will use the new name as synonym.
Of course this re-naming does not mean that we don’t respect our predecessors’ work, we want to name a large, significant section (if we’ll find any) after the original exlorers, or we name the entry section after them. We don’t want to reveal the original name of the cave, in order to protect the cave formations. To be sure about this, we blocked the entry, until the final door will be constructed.

A fallal párhuzasmosan futó, hátulról átvilágítható gipszkéreg.

A fallal párhuzamosan futó, hátulról átvilágítható gipszkéreg.

Protection of the cave formations explains blocking the entry


We’ve already  discussed  the new door with the national park, hopefully, it will be constructed in the near future.




Egyesületünket támogathatja a jövedelemadó egy százalékával (adószám: 18222786-1-43), valamint az általunk tavaly kiadott, Felfedezések a föld alatt c. könyv, illetve az idei feltárások fotóit is tartalmazó 2016-os falinaptárunk megvásárlásával.

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