We have found another parts of Cave Sebes

(Written by Péter Sűrű)

We have already known that Sebes-spring has two sinkhole: Sinkhole Szivárvány was already connected with Cave Sebes, but the another one, Sinkhole Fenyves is not yet.

Analizing the waveforms in Cave Fenyves  we  got the following conclusions: the passage from this cave runs to Sebes Spring but  meets with the passages from Szivárvány before it’s reach the spring.

We suppose founding this another passage on 22nd January. New parts collaterate to different levels and their estimated length is 500 meters. It means the total length of Szivárvány-Sebes Cave System got up to 3,5 kilometer.

Szalámis-terem (Fotó: Berentés Ágnes) IMGP0276kicsi imgp0254_2psbkicsi imgp0243_2bckicsi imgp0234_2psbkicsi imgp0300_2ps2kicsi




Ez még a régi rész (Fotó: Berentés Ágnes)



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