Official visit in the “new crystal cave”

 On a nice sunny wednesday officials of the National Park and Caving Institution visited the newly discovered Bölcső-hegyi-cave (the deepest non karstic cave in Hungary) and the new crystl cave in Pilis- mountains.

On the calm and freezing cold morning the entrance of the Bölcső-hegyi cave was steaming, so it was easy to find the source of the draft while the visit, we also discussed how t costruct a door in order to protect the cave,


Barium sulphate in focus


Német-Bucsi Attila

Later we visited the new crystal cave, which is in fact a new section of a known, but unremarkable cave.

We made our way to the deepest point of the cave, we discussed how we shoeld proceed, and checked the air draft. The airstream is going in, so this cave is a bottom entry point of a larger cave system.

We also agreed on the final place of the door, which is a very important factor in cave research.  For the cavers the best option would be to constuct the door right at the entry point, to build a safe and dry room to undress, and store the equipment.  Officials of the National Park prefer to build cave doors inside the cave, wher it can’t be seen from outside. In the end we agreed to build the door 2 meters away from the entry.

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