Juhász Márton passed away

Juhasz Márton, head of the speleological department of the DINPI National Park, passed away on the 4. october 2015. The bad news shocked us, and all the cavers, because he kept his illnes in secret.



The funeral service took place in his home town, Tatabánya.  Apart from the family, his collegaues at the National Park, and the Speleological Institute and some of the cavers were present. Among others, head of the National Park, Füri András delivered a speech. After the speeches we sang the cavers anthem.

In the speech we heard about a straight, friendly,hard working professianal, who dedicated his life to caves, and to the caving community..

Egy archív fotó, amelyen olyan személyek vannak együtt (ide értve a kép készítőjét is), akik az elmúlt pár évben már aligha álltak volna össze egy közös fotóra.

Juhász Márton on the right, me in red

I got acquainted with Juhász Márton on the spring of 2006 when he was visiting one of the new caves in Pilis. I got to like the skinny grey bearded gentleman instantly after he admitted that he always reads our reports, because they are short .

We spoke on the phone in september, and after a few weeks he died. I thought that is a misunderstanding and he just retired.

...úgy tűnt, mintha még mondani akarna valamit


May his soul rest in peace.



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