A book for Súgó-cave’s (Szekelyland, Transylvania) 50th “birthday”.

The hardcovered, 96 page book published by “Gyilkostó Adventure Egyesület” (editor: Zsolt András) introduces us Szekelyland’s most famous cave, the Súgó-cave (Whisperer-cave), which can be found near Gyergyótekerőpatak.


The covering

The reason of publishing the book is, that the cave’s fossile, beautiful upper level, with charming stalactites was discovered 50 years ago, in 1965.
The editor clearly tried to collect every information about the cave; we can find the story of the researchment (including names of the researchers), the early legends about the cave, documents, articles, maps, and as a detailed description, as with we can imagine the more than 1000m length cave. Also, there’s the history of how the cave formed, and an article about the area’s geology. This book is not only the experienced cavers; anyone, who is a bit interested in caving, could find it interesting, and easily understandable, the last chapter explains even the most basical technical therms like stalactite or corrosion.
It is avaiable through the publisher association’s website: http://www.sugo.ro/index.php?pid=29, for about 40 Romanian Lei, or it is also possible, that orders made through us, could be took over in the Speleo caver’s shop.

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