Caving equipment stolen

Our steel cableway wire was stolen at one of our cave exploring sites. We reported about the cave in this video. We used the cableway to move rocks.

This 12mm diameter steel wire cost us 20 000 Ft, and it took 2 days to fix it 4 metes high on the trees. Next time we’ll do faster, but it is sad that we have to remove it every single time.

IMG_3301 kis

Cableway to carry stones

P1010696 kis

Cableway with the entry of the cave

The wire was fixed to the trees with special tools, so it is very unlikely that a hikers took it, because a ladder and tools were needed fot the job

The surrounding area of the cave was marked by signs, so the thief knew, that he stole an equipment neccessary for caving.


P1010683 kis

The wire was fixed high on a tree

Ezen a képen már hűlt helye

Wire gone

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