Spa weekend in the karst of Aggtelek

Extreme swimsuit trip in the Kossuth cave

The Kossuth cave is one of the most spectacular wet caves in Hungary, it’s short (15 minutes to the end), easy to hike,  the water is around knee deep.   This water is a thermal spring, but the temperature is only a bit above the mean temperature, around 14°C, which is a little bit cold for swimming. Normally we’d wear neprene suits, but we wanted to know if it was possible to make the trip in swimsuits on barefoot.



To get ready for the trip, we took a bath in the nearby Tengerszem lake, which was even colder, less than 9°C.

It was a surprise how easy this trip was, we didn’t even feel cold. At the ending point of the cave we felt like we could swim there for hours. For our safety we carried neoprene suits in the bag, but we didn’t need them. The only difficulty was to walk barefoot on the slippery rocks.

This cave is opened to the public, you can register for the trip here:


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