New parts in Cave Spiral in Mecsek Mountains

(written by Darics Dóra)

A 2008-ban szintén Göcklerék által feltárt Spirálszíve-terem, amely a Spirál-barlang és egyben a Mecsek legnagyobb terme, fotó: Slíz Gy.

A Spirál Szíve-terem (Spiral’s Heart Chamber), discovered in 2008 by Gabor Göckler’s Team

According to Gábor Göckler leader of the explorers (Karst Researcher Group of Mecsek) on 19th of June they found more than 100 metres long new parts in Cave Spiral nearby the Bell-shaft, southward from The Spiralheart.

2 vertical shaft and a crevice with considerable parameters were found.Explorers hopes these parts will continues, they turned back because of tiredness.

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