Ajándék cave

Length: 2000 m         Depth: 175 m

The entrance of the Ajándék (Present) cave is at the top of the Csévi rocks.

Firstly Urbanics Ferenc drew the attention to the cave in which he found hidden munition.

The spacious, spectacular, 300 meters long and 49 meters deep upper section of the cave was discovered in 2002 by the Ariadne association after five years of work The discovery was divulged, however, the explorers hadn’t uncovered its location until they made a safe door, which has been protecting the cave until now. Later (according to the official statement) the tunnel which was digged into the scree during the labour foundered, hence a shorter and safer tunnel has been blasted into the solid rock with the support of the Szent Özséb Cave Explorer Association. Since then the exploration of the cave was done together by these two associations.

The digging of the tunnel was continued at the nadir of the reopened cave along a 10 centimeters wide, slightly draughty crevice.  In 2009 the spacious Múzeum (Museum) crevice was discovered here. However, most of the draught ame from elsewhere.

Meanwhile a gas tracing research proved the connection between the Ajándék and Indikációs caves (And probably between the Vacska and Leány caves; the sampling was finished too early, so a part of the research didn’t succeed)

Subsequently a measurement electrical resistance (with the support of ELTE) and a muon tomography research (together with the Regard group of KFKI) were conducted by the Ariadne association, but the data hasn’t been evaluated and the techniques hasn’t been verified, so these were rather just experiments, scientific power demonstration.

In the autumn of 2011 a new passage was discovered through the scree of Holt-pont by following the signs of the bats. At its bottom a 15 m long tunnel was dug along the draught and the signs of bats, and then a large chamber (the biggest in the cave) was discovered. The new nadir of the cave was at the end of a narrow passage, and this place is also the source of the draught. We started to dig here, but the work required more and more people, so it has been given up.

Although according to the registry currently there is no permission of exploration of the cave, it seems, that the Ariadne Association has the key of the cave.

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